About The Neppy

Dating from the early 19th century ‘The Old Neptune’ Whitstable, or ‘The Neppy’ as it’s affectionately known is one of only a handful of pubs to be found on the beaches of Britain.

And when we say on the beach we really mean it. Not next to the beach or by the beach but right on it, the only thing between you and the sea is…you’ve guessed it the beach. Located in the heart of Whitstable’s charming and popular fishing town The Old Neptune offers a wonderful choice of local ales, continental lagers, an extensive wine list and great home cooked food for you to savour whilst watching the world famous Whitstable sunsets.

Image of Darren Wilton (The Guvnor) by Chris Conway

Music & Events

The Neppy has a long history as a live music venue and we are delighted to support talented local artists each week. Check the set times below and come down to see us for a dance!

Our bands cover every musical genre from blues, rock ‘n’ roll and soul so there is bound to be something for everyone’s tastes.  Music nights see the pub packed to the rafters with everyone having a great time amid a lively atmosphere.  And when the bands aren’t playing there’s the pub’s infamous jukebox packed with the great, the good, the classics and everything in between so you’re bound to find a few old favourites!


Sunday July 7th – Miles Cookman 
Sunday July 14th – Brad Pittance 
Sunday July 21th – Gumboots 
Sunday July 28th- Bill Saxby and the Dan 

Food & Drink

We are proud that our menu is full of truly great British pub food, including traditional favourites such as fish & chips, pie & mash and burgers, all freshly made and tasty.

Eat inside or enjoy on the beach watching the waves roll in and the sun shine (unfortunately not always guaranteed!). On sunny days during the summer our beach barbecue is open serving burgers and hotdogs directly from the beach.

A little bit of history

Like much of Whitstable beach, the site of the Old Neptune was probably originally occupied by a boatyard workshop. Placed on the edge of the beach in the teeth of estuary storms and gales; the original building has long been washed away.

In 1853 the ‘Old Neptune’ beer house suffered serious structural damage when an exceptionally high tide combined with a northerly gale washed away her foundations. Another great storm in 1883 resulted in the wrecking of several vessels awaiting repair along the shore. The Neptune, although spared this time, was used as a temporary morgue to receive the bodies of those killed in the storm.

Finally in 1897 the old wooden building was completely washed away in another great storm.
The ‘Old Neptune’ was rebuilt, using timber reclaimed from the original structure and several other cottages that had also been destroyed.

The building has warped and twisted over the years owing too its old wooden foundations, however the timber structure seems to accommodate this movement as can be seen in the window frames, the sloping floor and the counter top.

The pub has many wonderful photographs charting the pub’s history and many equally knowledgeable locals who are happy to share their bit of The Old Neptune story.

For the full story and excellent illustrations read ‘ALES & TALES’ – Pubs in the Story of Whitstable by G Pike, M Page and J Cann. ISBN 0-9515828-3-6.


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